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Using Drying Equipment In Your Home

When your home has suffered a water loss, it is important to get it dry quickly in order to prevent secondary damage such as mold. That is why we use drying equipment to help speed up the process.

Taking Care Of Moisture Quickly

It is crucial to deal with moisture as quickly as possible after a water loss. Moisture that is left for more than 24 hours can cause secondary damage such as mold to begin to develop.

Drying Equipment Is Important

When you have a water loss, the moisture can cause secondary issues such as mold if left for more than 24 hours. That is why it is critical to make sure that the structure is dried out quickly.

Personal Protective Equipment For Mold Cleanup

It is important when dealing with mold that certain precautions are taken. In this image, you can see that our technicians are using the proper personal protective equipment while working to remove mold from this home.

Mold in my business

If you have mold growing in your business, it is critical to have it removed immediately. If you have any questions, SERVPRO of Northwest Wichita is always available to take your call. It is important to make sure that the mold is addressed immediately. 

Soot Tags After Fire

What is a soot web?

Soot from synthetic and petroleum based sources that have burned are magnetized and bond together to make the webbing. You will find these soot tags after a fire but it doesn't mean your a bad housekeeper.

Mold infestation in home

Mold Damage in Wichita

Why does mold grow in my house?

Mold is a saprophyte which means it needs to feed off of organic materials. It is also hydrophilic, or water loving.

A broken pipe or small leak in your home can cause mold to grow to dangerous levels. Our team at SERVPRO of Northwest Wichita is here for mold remediation and removal.