Storm Damage Photo Gallery

a living room without the sheetrock on the ceiling due to mold damage in attic

When water damage becomes mold the restoration increases

When water damage occurs in the attic and it sits there unmitigated, the possibility of mold growth increases drastically.

This wichita homeowner learned this quickly when he did a quick check on his roof between storms. We can help you remediate the mold that forms due to storm damage to your roof.

Damaged Ceiling

Storms damaged the roof of the home in this image, resulting in leaks that caused this ceiling to become saturated with water, eventually collapsing. If your home has damage like this, give us a call!

Ceiling Damage

The home in this image was damaged by a leaking roof that resulted in a ceiling collapse after it became saturated with water. Rainwater entered the structure through the damaged roof and caused the water problem.

Flood Cuts After Storm Water Intrusion

When this home was flooded by a stormwater intrusion, our team was brought in to handle the repairs. As you can see in this image, we performed flood cuts to remove the damaged material from the home.

Flooding after Storm

SERVPRO has the experience to respond to your home after storm damage.  Flooding can cause water loss and we have the right expertise and equipment for your restoration needs. The water can be contaminated so it is important for quick response. 

Ceiling Damage After

Water damage can come from leaks or storm damage.  This is the aftermath of damage from ceiling.  The professional cleaning technicians cleaned up and removed drywall to start the drying process and keep from future damages occurring. 

Leaking Window

This is a picture of damages caused from outside water getting in the house and causing water damage.  It is important to check windows to ensure storm waters can not come through window causing flooding to the home. 

Storm Damage to Utility Room

This was the aftermath of a utility room after water flooded. SERVPRO has experience in restoring homes back to pre-storm conditions.  They have the right equipment for all of your water extracting and professional drying needs. 

Water damage in basement

Flooded Basement Damage

Storm Damage in Your Home

"When it rains, it pours" is often the phrase for things going wrong. However, it is our day job to help those who have suffered from the rain damage.

This basement needed to have all the water extracted and dried. Our team at SERVPRO of Northwest Wichita was able to restore it to its original state.