Commercial Photo Gallery

commercial facility with water damaged floors. Green air movers and a green dehumidifier are working to dry the area

If water damages your business, we are here to help!

When a pipe begins to leak, over time the damage can be devastating to your business. 

When you notice the damage, be sure to contact our team of water mitigation experts. We will respond quickly like we did for this business owner.

Drying Process from Water Damage

SERVPRO has all the equipment for professional cleaning.  They can respond to your home 24 hours a 7 days a week.  The technicians are trained in all areas of restoration.  They use air dryers like pictured to dry areas after water damage.

Commercial Equipment

SERVPRO has the right equipment for your restoration emergency clean up. This equipment can extract water, remove odor, and dry rooms. The technicians can ensure your room will looks its very best and restore back to regular conditions. 

Commercial Building Restoration

SERVPRO of Northwest Wichita has all your restoration commercials emergency needs. They can offer assistance to any size disaster including water, fire, mold or storm damages.  After damages, we can access the situation and provide trained technicians. 

Humidifier used for Restoration Needs

Our professional grade humidifier can help get all the moisture out of the air after water damages to your home or business. Our disaster recovery teams are ready for your restoration emergencies.  Contact SERVPRO of Northwest Wichita at (316) 722-1187.

Mold damage in Commercial Building

SERVPRO responded to this water damage finding mold under carpet.  Mold can spread very quickly so it is important water is extracted.  SERVPRO has technicians trained to remediate your mold infestation from your home or business 

Water Heater Breaks in Wichita

What do I do with when my water heater breaks.

  1. Call a restoration company if the water has flooded into adjacent rooms
  2. Check warranty on water heater
  3. Call insurance agent for water damage coverage