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Reconstruction After Remediation

This home in Wichita had severe mold damage within the walls and insulation. Our team at SERVPRO of NW Wichita had to remove most parts of the drywall to remedi... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Kitchen

Mold Removal SERVPRO of NW Wichita has a team of trained specialists who were able to fix up this home after they found mold within the walls. We were able to c... READ MORE

Mold Damage Inside Toilet

Mold Remediation Services Our team at SERVPRO of NW Wichita was called to this home after they discovered mold throughout the bathroom and in the toilet. Our te... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup

Having to worry about your company after fire damage should be turned over to the local fire damage specialists. SERVPRO of Northwest Wichita is highly trained ... READ MORE

Broken Pipe in Your Wichita Business

A broken pipe's flood does not do as much harm as one might think. Waiting to call a water damage company, however, can seriously damage your business. The long... READ MORE

Water Loss in Your Wichita Business

A flood may occur in a commercial building for hundreds of reasons. Roof damage or flooding from the ground will occur in most storm situations. In both cases, ... READ MORE

Choose SERVPRO of Northwest Wichita After Commercial Water Loss

This facility was flooded with gallons and gallons of water by a broken pipe. SERVPRO of Northwest Wichita received the insurance provider's call to evaluate th... READ MORE

Flooded Carpets in Your Commercial Property

Large flooding may cause problems for the affected facility or company. The main concern is the amount of humidity during the evaporation process that is stored... READ MORE

How to use a trash pump for flooding.

Flooding can create a lot of problems for companies, business owners, and municipal buildings. As you can see this buildings has a lot of garbage and dirt that ... READ MORE

Water coming through the ceiling... from the roof.

The water coming through this ceiling of this Wichita home had the homeowners very worried. Roof damage was the reason for the water streaming through the ceili... READ MORE